Monday, July 10, 2017

World building- Teachers Write

Today's Monday Morning Warm-up at Teachers Write:

I have a story that has been going around and around in my head since 2011. Bits and pieces- characters, places, thoughts. But I struggle with the antagonist. I struggle with the motives of this character. I keep changing his appearance- or her appearance...depending on the day. I don't know if this is about my own self-doubt or more about my inability to connect with this character.

So this prompt might be just what I need. I am thinking that I need to build my world in more depth. If I do that- then the motivations of the characters may become more apparent.

My reader needs to know:
1. The physics of my story do not match the physics of the real world- not exactly. Water, light, and spacial concepts work differently. Dimensions may work differently too- or at least travel.

2. There is magic- I am not sure yet how the magical abilities are perceived yet among the character in this story. The magic comes from nature and the relationships with those natural elements. Not everyone has the same magic potential. Nor does everyone want it. Of course some want it all.

3. The main character does not know his power- yet. He will not have the strongest power- but he may have the greatest growth,

- I intend this to be a middle level novel- what do I do with the parents? I really do not want to go with the 2 standards: 1- kill them off and create an orphan, or 2- indifferent uninvolved/self involved grown ups.